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2nd Generation Family-Owned Manx breeder

Family 1st brought cats from Isle of Mann in the late 1970's.  We are very selective on our breeding.  I have a degree in animal husbandry. I breed to avoid Manx syndrome.  All the cats are under veterinary care.  We do require references.  Our prices vary depending on color, tail length and other factors. 

 We prefer kittens/cats are picked up in person.  It is very difficult to meet half way or deliver kittens as we are a working sheep ranch.

We do have a wish list for folks that are seeking a certain color, gender or other requests.  Just go to our contact us page, click, then fill in your information.  



We are located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in western Montana in the majestic Rocky Mountains. 

Montana Manx began as a rescue for Manx cats with Manx syndrome in 2011.  Soon we realized there are a lot of breeders that do not know what they're doing.  Manx syndrome is a serious condition and it is a very sad disease.  We have always known that there is a demand for Manx cats so we decided to breed for healthy happy cats.

We do have a waiting list on site, just email us and will be happy assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.  We are very knowledgeable about Manx cats and are always happy to assist fellow Manx lovers.


100% Family/farm raised

Kittens and cats have been mostly indoors around other cats and dogs.  Occasionally go outside depending on weather.  Lots of fun things to do inside and outside, Manx are natural hunters.  One of the things I love about Manx is that they mind.  Since we keep the kittens until they are 12 weeks of age, they usually know simple commands such as no, get down and their name.  (You can always change that, they are super smart and fast learners.)

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